At NIT Building Solutions, we like to keep things simple.

We know that our client's time is valuable and they have crucial positions to fill. Our experienced recruiters specialize in making the hiring process as smooth as possible.  

Our recruiters execute a 5-step process that works time and time again. 

Step 1: Meet & Greet
The process starts with our team getting a thorough understanding of our clients’ business. Questions we might ask include finding out what your company culture is like, the types of qualifications you like to see in your employees and the projected timeline for your project.  

Step 2: Selection
Armed with the right information, our recruiters are able to utilize their industry knowledge and call on their abundant network to locate top-level candidates for your project. 

Step 3: Screening 
Once we identify the best candidates, our thorough screening process begins. NIT is committed to developing loyal relationships and getting to know our Candidates so that we always feel good about our recommendations

Step 4: Hiring 
The construction industry is high-risk, so it’s imperative that we verify all qualifications and certifications regarding our candidates. Our recruiters know the right questions to ask, which will help speed up the hiring process and accommodate our clients’ busy schedules. 

Step 5: Nurturing 
Our relationship with you and our candidate does not end here. We continue to check in and ensure that things are moving along smoothly. We are open to feedback and care about your experience with our recruiting firm. This is the way we grow and evolve.